Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Because some plateaus are magical.

Moonlight and Shadows

Did you see those shadows in the moonlight?
They blended and merged...
And then disappeared.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Looking into a distant mirror.

"Into the dream you came

And across the soft carpet of my reverie you walked

With hobnail boots ..."

Quoted from Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

Choices we make....

Every move, every minute, every second...
Is a choice you make.

Don't keep those illusions alive,
Nothing happened on it's own.

A bicycle that's ridden by two,
If destiny rides on one pedal,
Your feet ride the other.

Watch that road you're on.

Why I reach out to you..

We take strange things for granted. My blog for instance. But very few things can take being granted so much in stride and still be there for you within reaching distance. Thank you for being there.

Monday, April 02, 2007

To who i thought i knew

Fool's day was yesterday. You cannot make a fool of me anymore.

To write each day

I cannot promise that i will be here each day
But I will not stay so far away
You knew I would come back today.

Didn't you, Monday?

Tuesday to Monday.

Black is bold

I need to grow up
I need to face facts
I need to be strong
I need to be myself.

I need to be black...
From today...

When you think you know someone... .

People can surprise you...
When you think you know someone..
and it turns out you don't...
but you thought you did.

Remember it hurts.

I thought I knew you.