Monday, August 06, 2007


Lipstick tagged me!! So here goes - 8 random facts about myself:
1. I have wanted to be tagged for a very long time and often regretted the fact that so few of my friends were part of the blogosphere!!
2. I have very oddly shaped fingers - a person looking at them suddenly could not be blamed for thinking they were the hands of a sick person.
3. I love playing Devil's advocate - it doesn't matter on most issues which side i'm on!
4. Although I loved the book 'To kill a MockingBird' - I couldn't understand why it is considered a novel of such great importance.
5. I absolutely have to have pickle with my curd rice - can't live without it.
6. I used to be scared to sleep in the afternoon as a child because people would do things without me and I would feel left out when i woke up!
7. I have never liked maths and I believe IT has never liked me...
8. I hate that I'm kind of a hypocrite at times, saying one thing and knowing and believing that it was not quite true.

Let me pass the tag: