Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mortality Pays a Visit

This is again with reference to my previous post. About living life each day as if that day would be the last. Can we ever imagine living life as if it were the last day? Can we imagine truly that we might not be alive the very next day? I think we can try but never be able to fully grasp this. I believe that we go through each day we live because we imagine that we may live forever. Not just us but our loved ones.

I have been paid a visit by mortality. I have learnt today what it really means to imagine that you or a loved one may not live tomorrow. One of my sister's friends learnt that her husband has brain tumour. And of course it has to be a malignant brain tumour. There were not too many symptoms except that he used to get headaches once in a while. Since he was used to getting migraine headaches, he imagined that this would also be one of them. He suddenly collapsed one day and has now found that he has brain tumour. Imagine what he must be going through. He has a very young family. A little girl and a boy... both under 10 years of age. This news particularly struck home as I lost my father at a very early age. I was five when he passed away. I know how life-changing this kind of a disaster can be.
I have now made a fresh resolution to not complain too much about the day to day problems that I face. This kind of an event does put things into perspective.

Please pray for my sister's friend - Alka. I'm hoping their little family will be able to cope with all the challenges that this illness has brought to them.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Carpe Diem

To live each day as if it were your last. Easily said, isn't it? Do you really think about it? what would you do if this day were your last? I thought about it and came to the depressing conclusion that I would definitely not want to go to work on my last day. Does that mean I'm in the wrong job? Following your dreams and chasing your goals is all fine, but could I really quit my job in search of something far less tangible? A far-off glimmering mirage? I don't think so. But I do think that if I don't like my job, then there are things I can do to better my day. Like for instance, beginning to blog again. Blogging helps me believe that I too am a writer. And this is definitely something I want to take to my last day. What other things would I want to do? I would want to spend the day with my mom, my husband and my sister. What else? I would not want a single last day... I would want a whole month, maybe a few years worth of last days... I would want to travel and find new things every single day, speak multiple languages with flair and ease, play some sport, learn to dance.