Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Babble and bubble

The last weekend was an important weekend for me. We had planned to go to Raja Mannarkudu to visit the Rajagopalaswamy temple there and offer Sammu prasadam as her first Annaprasanam. The plan was executed beautifully. Thanks to my father-in-law's current job, we were received at the temple with a lot of care and things rolled out in a very smooth fashion.

Sammu was supposed to have had her first taste of rice here, but the prasadam offered was 'sheera' which is what we call rava kesari when it is made in a temple as prasadam. She ate up the sheera eagerly :-)

We also visited the Garbarakshambigai temple in Thirukarugavur and put Sammu in the 'thanga thottil' which was there. I had prayed to this Goddess for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. Thanks to her, both happened. Sammu wailed all the while in the cradle - we had to put her in the cradle and take her around the temple and she didn't like it one bit. She tried to stand in the cradle and held out her arms to us, all the while crying piteously.

Sammu also achieved lots of other milestones over the weekend.. she started babbling on Friday.. Upp-pah was her first word :-) Strangely i do not begrudge R this... that Up-Pah is her first word as opposed to Um-mma...

She started saying Um-mma as well the next day.. so now she keeps saying paa-paa or up-paa or maa-amm-mma... you get the picture..

It feels great to hear her call me Umm-maa... It's almost an anticlimax though.. that this word comes almost 8 months after you accept motherhood...

Friday, June 04, 2010

Must eat, Must try, Must everything!

I've never bookmarked recipes in my blog, but this one is just amazing:


I can almost taste the channa batura (maybe the fact that it's near dinner time has something to do with it :-)

I have got to try making this at home!!!