Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Depression... A long time ago...

Here's a poem i wrote in the heights (or should i say depths) of depression about work... About 2 years back...

It brings back bittersweet memories...

Hope seems hard to find,
I tell myself, let me try harder,
That's all i can do,
Try harder,
But will it ever come to anything???
I do not know

There are times when all around seems darkness,
My back is bent with a burden,
So heavy: it seems your back is crying
What does one do at such times
Hope seems hard to find

There is nothing to it but to try harder
Yes, I know that's not the solution,
But it's the only way

I don't choose to try harder
But I must
Cos if I don't,
My back is bent,
And Hope seems hard to find

1 comment:

Travelling Soldier said...

What u have said is very true, but this is part and parcel of life !! Breaking out of this mould is not so easy...but ofcourse POSSIBLE .. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE U C ;-))