Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Amadeus and Mediocrity..

A few weeks back i saw this play 'Amadeus'. I'd always wanted to know more about Salieri - Salieri was Mozart's contemporary. Salieri calls himself the patron saint of mediocrity. His one ambition in life was to raise above the mediocre and be famed as the best musician and composer of his time. And he did attain fame. Atleast during his lifetime. He was the court musician for the Prussian King. However Salieri had the misfortune to be born at the same time as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The worst part was that Salieri was the only person who recognized Mozart's genius for what it was. God granted him fame - but he was not happy. He realized that he did not deserve his fame.

Salineri was haunting. He brought back to me those days where i used to feel so disappointed that talent was the only thing that ever counted. Not hard work, not attitude but sheer talent. What do i have against talent, you may ask. Nothing except the fact that it is not earned. You are simply lucky to receive a particular gift. I learnt the hard way to live with my own mediocrity. I may not be the best singer around - but i sing because i love singing. I may not be the best writer around - I write because i love writing. But the mediocrity stings. I wish like Salieri that i could have been a Mozart. Mozart in this play is shown to be completely frivolous, undisciplined and in no way a soul worthy enough to carry the gifts God bestowed on him. God plays cruel jokes on us sometimes, doesn't he. Or maybe they are funny in a way we do not yet comprehend.


Caffeinism said...

hmm...Life is like that. Very unfair most times.

Thought you might like reading it...:-)


Caffeinism said...

oh tats a friends blog on the same topic..:-)

??? said...
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??? said...

Hmmm..what can we possibly do?? Live with it!!

muse said...

yep, i've read that before!! in fact geeman was my inspiration to see the play!! i tried to find his post so i could link it to mine but by then i'd forgotten which blog it was! :-D

yeah di, i know.. and hey.. why did you delete one comment??

??? said...

Had written crap in it! :)

Lakshmi said...

But heey !!! Don't u believe that we are all mozarts in some field ?! Itz jus tht we don't take enuf time to analyse & know ourselves better ! I truly believe this :-)