Monday, March 31, 2008


Two things that have deeply affected me in the past week:1. Monday's headline news in the Times of India regarding the husband who murdered his wife after suspecting that she had an affair with a colleague at work. This was very disturbing because i could relate to the people involved in the murder. They were newly married - less than a year since the wedding. He was a software engineer. She was working in a bank. Parents were away in another city. They were staying alone in Koramangala. She'd been coming home late for some time and I don't know if she actually had an affair or not. But the fact that he decided to murder her over it was something I could just not accept. So scary!!! Does this kind of thing actually happen in real life? Apparently it does. FACT IS STRANGER THAN FICTION.
2. The tamil movie Anjaathe. What a scary movie. The modus operandi followed to kidnap the girls was eerily believable. No dramatics. And the villain of the movie - Prasanna has essayed an extremely convincing role. His perverted activities, the way he held the mirror beneath the door to watch the heroine change clothes!!! It gives me goosebumps and scares me.. a hell of a lot!

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