Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Christmas Party and other updates

Sammu had great fun this last weekend. There was a Christmas party at school and all parents, siblings, relatives of the child were invited as well. So we all went, R, me and R's mother. Sammu was very happy and proceeded to play with all the toys set out in school as well as participate very happily in all the activities intiated by the teacher. I'm sure she felt this was the 'right' way to go to school - with her family sitting around her!!

It's been a roller coaster of a ride the last couple of months with her, what with us deciding to wean her and her refusing to settle down in school and also having numerous sleep problems. May be all of these problems are related? I'm not sure. But she was a cranky and fussy kid through most of the time, given to throwing instant tantrums, crying at the drop of a hat for anything and falling asleep only after struggling against us and sleep for at least 2 hours.

Now we seem to have rounded a corner. At least with the weaning and sleep bit. She doesn't fight so much to sleep - meaning she doesn't fight over 2 hours, although we still have a bit of a struggle for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. I am also over most of my exhaustion and I'm able to expend that extra bit of energy and ensure she sleeps at a fairly decent hour.

I made a plum cake from http://www.divinetaste.com for the potluck at her Christmas party. It came out well and vanished from the plates of most parents and kids immediately. My own kid of course refused the plum cake at school, she said quite clearly that she didn't want a brown cake and she wanted the white one with the cream. Sigh.... but i guess that happens.

Here's a picture from the party - trying to count on her fingers as she sings a rhyme about counting...


Travelling Soldier said...

Liked the cake part...:-)

that was the icing on the cake for this post ;-P

Vidya said...

I missed it. So did Padu and chinni. Anyhow, you forgot to mention, bigger problem that she faced was missing me!

Lakshmi said...

haha I like Vidya's comment !
Anyways.. good to hear abt the party & weaning. No comments abt the sleep problems :) Shez growing up, so patience is our best hope !

Very very cute lil' girl Sammu looks !

muse said...

@Satish: Trust you to like the cake part best! GRRRRRR!

@Vidya: Yeah, di - I guess she does miss you and she does not know how to express it, except for saying ' na vidya va killuven, adipen, praandiven'!!

@Lakshmi: Yeah, I pray every day for more patience.. yesterday we visited the doctor for a immunization shot and I was speaking to him about the weaning issues and how she tries to evade sleep by saying she's worried lions, tigers and hippos will come in through the windows.. She pipes up on her own (even though we're talking in English to the doctor and I didn't think she understood what we were talking about) and tells him, 'Ammam, na amma ta singam varum sonnen'!!! She's growing up alright!