Monday, January 02, 2012

A New Ye ar and a great weekend (mostly)

We welcomed this new year at home, as we always do. But we were in bed this time and trying to get Sammu to sleep. We had decided to spend the night at my mother's house, because i didn't want to leave her alone on New Year's Eve but we ended up doing that anyway because R and I were engaged in a battle of wills with Sammu and she finally slept only by 11 45 PM.

So we were very happy when the new year dawned, not because it was a new year and all that, but because we had succeeded in making our daughter sleep :-)
Small battle won, major wars remaining.

Cooking wise, I had a really good time on the first day of this year. I made Pongal-Vada Sambar for breakfast which made all at home very happy. My mother enjoyed her breakast and that's saying something. My daughter was all too happy to see the vadas as well - Rajesh must have missed the chutney but he didn't say anything.

I ended up making muffins for Sammu's snacks this week, another wonderful recipe from and added walnuts and dates to the recipe instead of blueberries. The muffins were awesome, soft and moist and the taste of dates and walnuts together was incredible, even if i do say so myself. I also made pasta for dinner which is not a typical dinner at my home, so it was pretty special.

I do have some resolutions for this year - chief of them being to charge my cell phone regularly and to answer and return all calls!!! But the others are all too serious and I don't want to make anyone gloomy by sharing those.

Have a wonderful new year and hope you enjoy it!!!


Naresh Menon said...

:)... Happy New Year....

Lakshmi said...

You are making me jealous with all those receipes...
Let me try something from the website you mentioned..
Happy New Year to you all :)

muse said...

@Naresh: Thanks :-) and I hope you have a very special happy new year too.
@Lakshmi: I'll mark the specific recipes I have tried from the site and share them with you. But all of them (the cakes) are like sure winners - you can't go wrong with recipes from her site.