Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Another story - after a long break

So we will call this - the story of the talking vegetables.
My daughter has a need to give vegetables faces and voices.  Not all, because then she would not be able to eat them.   But just those that come in a story.  So we had to come up with a story about a carrot and a beetroot.  Here we go:

There was once a carrot and a beetroot that lived on a farm near the banks of a golden river.  This carrot and beetroot were the talking kind and had faces.  They were also very good friends.  But the carrot was not a happy one.  She was always sad.  She kept moaning and whining that she did not like her colour - Orange.  She kept asking the beetroot how to change it.  And since they both did not know what to do, they decided to take a walk by the river.  Along the golden river they walked.... quite a long distance for them, you see, because a carrot and beetroot are quite small.

And after some time, they saw a row of pots on the other side of the river.  So many pots and when they looked closely, they found that these were pots of paints.  Pink and fuschia and maroon.  Peach and purple and mauve.  Pale greens and dark greens and oh so many colours.  It was such a wonderful sight to see.

And it was then that the carrot got an IDEA!  Let's go across the river and use those pots to change my colours, she said.  What a wonderful idea, said the beetroot.  Let's do just that.  And they tried to go across the river and then realized that they were neither tall enough to wade through it and neither did they know any swimming.  They wondered what to do next.  It was now the beetroot's turn to have an IDEA!  Let's use a banana leaf to float across the river, he said.  Super idea, beamed the carrot.  So they walked across to the banana plant to get a leaf to float across the river.  The beetroot spoke to it's friend, the banana and asked it for a leaf.  The banana agreed but then they realized that a banana leaf is slippery, so they did not know what to do.  And then.... the carrot said it would ask it's friend the tailor bird to stitch up the banana leaf into a boat.  So they went to meet the tailor bird and stitched a banana boat.

Sometime later, the banana boat was ready.  The two friends clambered into the boat with great joy and anticipation.  The boat went across the river.  And they found themselves amidst all the pots and pans.  What a jolly time they had.  They poured the paints on one another and had a jolly good time.  The carrot was no longer just orange.  It was a multi colored carrot.  And then they came back to their own side to stay happy ever after!!

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