Monday, December 28, 2015

Scribblings from an unfocussed mind

Random thoughts - where do my right to express my views stop?  When I can see that they hurt you?  When I can see that they offend you?  Humour is such a subjective thing - what makes me laugh could make you cry.  Have been thinking about verbal offences these days and how much we think they should be tolerated just because they are not physical.  If i slap you today, out of the blue, then I could be jailed with physical assault but if i just tell you that you are an arrogant asshole, that you are among the scum of the planet, I may get off without any physical harm done to me.  After all, I just exercised my right to freedom of expression.

Things that I want to do - reduce my screen time at home.  Read a story every day with the kids.  Teach them slokas.  Run an organized home.  Reduce my consumption of sugar.  Finish my pending project tasks.  Spend some time dreaming about the day I can stop going to work. Hmmmm.

I am back from a long weekend at home today.  Not able to focus so much on my pending tasks especially given that I am going on another vacation the day after tomorrow.

My cup overflows with work.  In another four weeks time, I need to complete another sprint at work - this time with test case preparation, test execution, development and design from my team.  My Hyderabad team is due a visit.  I have not seen them since October this year.  I feel overwhelmed.

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