Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Impatience and a Wandering Mind

I have too many things on my mind today. And i just need, no, want to blog something. But I'm in such a state of disorganization that I don't know what to do! So here's a collection of words that have been running wild in my mind for quite some time now:

Work, my satisfaction (or non-satisfaction) in it, my inability to keep in touch with people I care lots about - What is that keeps me away from calling them or talking to them? My inertia. I want to do so many things. But I don't. Ayn Rand's philosophy and why it makes me feel like such a loser. And why i still keep reading her books again and again. My hypocrisy. Things standing still. Like the dark waters of a lake. Can dark waters show promises of a brightening horizon?
Sleep. Since when have I needed so much of it? Why is it that though I see so many things that I need to do, I don't do them? I need to help myself out of this ditch i've fallen into!


Lakshmi said...

Try this... mite sound very simple.. but believe me.. very very powerful !
Take a deep breath.. close ur eyes.. inhale & exhale 5 times.. think of the tommy that i knew 11 yrs back... the smiling innocent tommy who nags me always sitting on the back bench :-)) ... u r relaxed & chill now na ?! :-)))

muse said...

it did help!! :-)

??? said...

Aiyo... adu oru mental...idu oru mental!! Ore pythyakara friends I say.. edo rendu perum nalla irunda seri!!

P.S. Lakshu, it actually worked :)

Travelling Soldier said...

what appears to be the end may really be a new beginning .... !!!

chill offf ...............

romba feel pannathe :-)))