Sunday, October 08, 2006

Chinna Chinna Aasai

A sticky post... Scroll down for the rest..

I don't think the post's name quite goes with what i'm going to write!! But anyways it's my name and my blog!

One of my friends is always complaining that most of my posts are sad and depressing. Hey! It's not depressing!! It's contemplative and intellectual.. He he.. So anyways, although i won't mention her name here, i'm sure she'll know this post is for her and for my sister. A collection of images of my favorite things!!

Here goes:

Long earrings - my new-found love!:

The woman who first made me want to write - enid blyton:

My all time favourite movie:
There's got to be some food! - Atleast at number #4!!

Next up: coffee mugs in all shapes and sizes!!

Alarm clocks in blue or yellow...!


??? said...

Harini, very cute earrings... march 27th is fast approaching!! Continue the list...dont get lazy

keerti said...

long earings! :-) you know how I feel abt them...

are u going to update more stuff here with images?

muse said...

alpam vidya nee.. october, november, december, jan...
innum evlo months iruku.. u sure u can wait until then!!??
i used to associate long earrings with you!!! :-) are you asking if i'll update more images on earrings?? i dont know.. this jus started as a list of things i like..
p.s. why the sudden limit on commenting in your blog??

keerti said...

Hmm..."dustani kanda door velagu" attitude than...

anyway if u feel strongly abt somethinga and want to write more you can always link my post and write on your blog na...;-)

you have a nice blog going :-)
keep writing

muse said...

thanks!! :-) will do!

Travelling Soldier said...

long earrings - off late i have also started admiring those ....


and the one in the foto looks so damn cool !!!

Lakshmi said...

finally got to comment here !! This is such a wonderful post :-)) and this is the tommy i admire !! Thanks :-)) (u know y i said that..) LOTR & Enid Blyton ... can nvr forget those days !!!