Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So many things to say...

My little girl is going to turn 2 in a week's time :-)
I can't believe how many new things she keeps learning and saying!!!

The last weekend, she threw a tantrum and insisted that we visit her father at the swimming pool. We went there and she surprised all of us by going gamely into the baby swimming pool with a tube around her, kicking and paddling and somehow propelling her way around the baby pool!!

Yesterday was the beginning of Navarathri and we have kept Kolu at home.
Sammu has a Kolu all to herself, one at our home and one at my mother's. A small set of 3 steps with dolls that she likes - mostly animals, vegetable vendors, fruits etc!!

Ok i really have to go now.. just wanted to get this quick update on the blog.

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