Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Too many precious things have been happening lately and I feel overwhelmed as well as blessed!Samyuktha turned 2 on 6-Oct-11 - we had a small party for about 30 people in our apartment.I made 2 birthday cakes from here and they turned out wonderful. Received a lot of praises from all who tasted the cake... My sis-in-law made extremely tasty cutlets and we bought fried potato smiles from a neighbourhood place...I think that Sammu had a lot of fun that day because she keeps asking when her birthday will come again.
6-Oct-11 was also Vijayadasami and the day of Sammu's Vidyarambham. She joined Zoom Kids, a small playschool in our locality that day. I was really impressed with the way the teacher (owner as well) of the school spoke when we visited there for admissions and we made our choice instantly that this was going to be Sammu's school. The week since 6-Oct-11 has been not so great for Sammu, she gets ready to school all right but is cranky there and wants us to sit by her side all the time. Today was the first day we dropped her at school and just left... I spoke to her teacher just now and came to know that she cried for about 10 minutes and vomitted all her breakfast! She was so shocked at vomitting that she then kept quiet and started to play shortly after.
I have also made another discovery last Friday - I don't know if it's going to last. Will make updates on that later.

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