Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a wonderful life

I realized what people really mean when they say time flies when you have a baby. Every week she does something new and changes in a small way. I sometimes wonder about how much we have stagnated, how much less we appreciate life and how many things we take for granted about the human body.

Looking at the wonder on my daughter's face when I make strange sounds and faces, when i blow a soap bubble, when she sees a bus for the first time - it's a great feeling, she makes you realize how extraordinary the most ordinary things are.

Since yesterday, she's been trying to sit up. She sat up with almost no support from me... and there was such a look of acheivement on her face. And she didn't rest her cute bottom on that achievement either - she immediately wanted to stand up :-). My sis V and I had so much fun watching her try to sit up again and again.

One of my pet peeves is how the whole world joins together to make a mother feel guilty. From the smallest things, like getting a tshirt caught over your baby's head, to a mom who decides to work (or not) - we are always judged for the things that we choose to do (or not) for our children. I had been gifted a baby sling by one of my colleagues at work. It was given to me when she was not yet 2 months old but it's only now, when she is six and a half months old that I worked up the nerve to try it. I went grocery shopping with my baby and I 'wore' her when i did this. I recommend a baby sling to anyone who wants hands free when carrying the baby. It's very convenient, baby loves it and you can get a lot of work done. And yet, I had to listen to a shopping attender comment to me - 'Are you sure that the straps are not cutting into baby's thighs?' . She must have thought to herself 'Look at this lady, she can't even carry the baby. Women these days, they have too much money and independence and they don't care what happens to their children.'

What do you think... Am i over analyzing her statement or did you over analyze me (just like i did) and decide that I probably have some guilt about leaving my child and going to work :-) ?

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