Thursday, May 27, 2010

Birth Stories

I've been reading birth stories this morning... and I just realized how gripping they can be. They took me back to my own labor time... and when I finished reading, I was surprised to find myself at work.. with people going about their routine tasks around me. The feeling was totally surreal. This is why I love reading.. Being absorbed in a good story works magic like nothing else.

I must make a small confession here - I love reading in the bath... and now when I manage to do it for a few minutes... it's a real pleasure. A guilty pleasure because for those few minutes, I forget the whole world outside, including my little daughter who is so dependent on me. I'm reading a book that promises a lot now - it's called 'Gently falls the bakula' by Sudha Murty.

Ok got to go now... must do some work for the pay i receive ;-)

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