Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Super Dad Day

I realize that in all of these posts, I have never once mentioned my husband. I've mentioned before that i felt like a super mom for making breakfast and lunch and making it to work on time. But really, I would be unable to do any of this if not for the support provided by my husband and my mom.

He lets me relax the whole evening. I play with the baby and feed her on demand the whole evening. I often don't lift even a tiny finger to help with dinner or the cleaning up afterward. He also cleans all the baby's bottles and cups, my breast pump parts and sterilizes them at night. If baby seems too cranky or does not allow me to put her down and eat.. he even feeds me dinner!!!

I'm trying to make the mornings his time with baby. He takes care of her the whole time while I cook and keeps her amused and happy. I am a cribber by nature, i crib when things work, i crib when things don't. He listens to all my crap with a patient look and tries to solve whatever things he can. Even today, i can't believe the luck that joined my life with his :-)

He's a Super Dad and a Super Super Husband !!

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