Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sitting Sammu

Sammu has started to sit up by herself now. It's funny how she sits up - she first 'almost' rolls over but not quite, she holds herself on her side and then rests that hand on the surface firmly, with the other hand she manages to pull and sort of push herself up. For just a few seconds, she looks like she will fall down, but then she straightens her hand (the one that's resting) again and sits up firmly, pressing her bum and thighs to the floor :-)

Now she refuses to lie down even for nappy or diaper changes. We would need to put the diaper on when she's sitting or more conveniently when she's standing. She also pulls herself (rarely) into a standing position.

She had a bit of sweet potato today and rejected it. Need to try it again soon but for now, I'm more keen to try her on some juice.

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