Monday, May 24, 2010

Dancing the night way

The last weekend was a whirlwind of feverish activity... as most of my weekends are. R's cousin was getting married and my in-laws arrived early on Saturday morning. They had brunch and left in mid-morning around 11 to the mandap to stay there for the wedding and return on Monday afternoon.

Every one was eager to see Sammu. But Sammu's fear of strangers held strong and she wailed inconsolably if anybody other than her mother and father dared to lay a finger on her. She had beetroot this weekend.. That was the newest addition to her growing repertoire of foods. We pressure-cooked the beetroot (grated) with some moong dal and then mashed the whole thing up to a thick creamy (little lumpy) consistency.

Last night was the wedding reception. R is quite the dancer and has quite a name for dancing at all relatives' weddings. R's cousin requested that he dance yesterday as well. So he did - to some music played on violins and mridangams!!!! R made me dance as well.. he just held me and moved my limbs - I was as usual two left legged. Then was the best dance of all... R danced with Sammu.. he held her in his arms and swung her to the music. She was so happy and was dimpled and smiling all through the proceedings. R's cousin A has also had a son recently (he's all of 4 months old) and A also danced with his son. It was a very happy moment. I was so proud of my daughter. She looked so beautiful and happy! :-)

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